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SMD - And The Elevator Fell...
this is not a poem
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The Wolves
Behind my house is a forest.
A deep, dark, threatining, inviting forest.
It beckons me to wander into it's boundries,
and take shelter under it's trees.
At night I sit on my chair and look up at the stars,
and stare, wondering if my unknown relatives are looking at the same sky.
I hear the sounds of the forest, and listen to the most beautiful music of all;
the wolves.
The first time I saw one I was a bit terrified.
She was all white, with one single black ear, and eyes as golden as the sun.
"Come" she said. "Come into my forest, wandering, wondering child."
She needn't have said anything. Her eyes spoke her thoughts, and her mouth barely even moved.
So I followed,
I followed the magnificent creature into the forest.
This was when I wished that I could speak wolves, because their howls, while they peirced the silence, they were as beautiful as a flute playing a sweet melody, or a guitar, with someone's skillful hands playing a song of thanksgiving.
I named her Cindy, after my mother, t
:iconegyptianwolf:EgyptianWolf 44 38
I Wish...
I wish that I lived in Wish,
where the sky isn't blue, but pink.
Even though I detest the color, it's peaceful with the purple cotton candy clouds.
I'd sit on the soft blue grass and listen to the music of the town, and be inspired by all of the wonders.
My pen would never run out of ink, I would'nt have to change the music, because the soothing melody keeps on going.
In the forests of Wish, the trees aren't hard and prickly, but made of gingerbread, and leaves are made of frosting. Childish wonderlands still intrigue me, and no one can ever give up warm cookies that remind one of home.
The buildings are made of emeralds! The walls are high with sparkling diamonds, and sapphires adorn the windows, and when the moon casts it's light upon it, the streets of paved silver would give off such radiance only dreamed about in little ones dreams.
And it rains every other day, not a cold rain, but a warm, soothing rain that embodies the senses, and as it hits the ground, it turns to solid gold,
:iconegyptianwolf:EgyptianWolf 3 47
One day, we all started flying.
We soared amongst the stars and
Dreamed. The wind lifted us
Up towards the sun, while we sang
Beauteous etudes of hope and
Dust. The angels screamed in envy
Of our grace, but in our dreaming,
We just smiled. We flew,
Uncounted weeks of ashes falling
From the flaming sky. Then it happened,
Slowly at first, but with the inevitable
Finality of dying flowers. Some around us
Started losing their feathers. The feathers drifted
Down to touch the land of discarded
Stars and freezing midnight vacancy.
We asked why, but they would not share
Their secret. Their dreams became erratic
Full of anger and confusion. They turned
From the stars and from us. Meanwhile,
The feathers continued to fall. We screamed at
Them to let us help them, but, laughing,
They started to drop through the sky.
We held out our hands, while they
Slapped them aside. The stars started
Crying for the lost as they approached
The land of broken visions.
They laughed at us, and told us
That flying
:iconstraight-edge:straight-edge 2 2
Stop Thinking
I cant take this,
stop it,
why must i think all of this,
why must i carry on dwelling,
on all the things that hurt me,
all the things that confuse me,
all the things that i dont know.
I dont know what i feel,
i dont know what i think,
i dont know what i want to believe,
i dont know what i should hope for anymore,
i'm wishing that i can breathe,
i wish that i could just explode,
i just wish, that i knew everything,
i wish that i dont dwell on this,
i dont know what i wish,
let alone what i see here,
everything should stop,
just stop, stop thinking,
this eternal battle is just non stop,
this eternal onslaught, is never forgiving,
never merciful,
it must show me everything,
what i have,
what i dont,
what i've done wrong,
what i wish that i could know,
where i wish i want to be,
the way i wish that i could be,
This just needs to stop.
I've had enough,
i want to stop thinking,
i want to stop believing and hoping for more,
this hurts, i'm constantly dreaming,
for what is beyond my call,
:iconkeyblade-masteress:Keyblade-Masteress 1 4
Dear Mother - MistressMoo
Dear Mother,
I'm in love. I hope you'll approve. I've never felt this way before. I love them more everyday. They are a little different but I can't live without them. Mother, we've been best friends for years I know they are the one. Mother I hope you will meet them soon. Mother I hope you'll understand. I'm not in love with a man. I am in love but Mother her name is Jan. Please understand.
Love your Daughter
Dear Daughter,
I am happy for you. It takes some their entire life to find the one. I hope to meet her soon. Bring her to Thanksgiving we'd all like to meet her. Don't worry dear we love you no matter what. Please do not worry or cry we'd love to meet her and see you smile.
Love your Mother
:icondapride:dapride 15 35
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Hey coffee eyes
United Kingdom
Current Residence: The lost city of Atlantis
Favourite genre of music: Emo Indie, Post/Art Rock and some Punk
im working on a new EP.

  probably self-titled. may be having a name change before i release it. just a five tracker. right now im recording. i have till the end of the month to do that. then mixing n extras will take another month could be july time. anyway itll be available on mail-order and a few free downloads on myspace for samples. be gigging shortly after.

so far its sounding like post rock with vocals and more structure. working on a track called underground inject which is like a mix of Godspeed! you black emporor and 1999 era Appleseed Cast. anyway heres the track list

1. You are the threat
2. Three miles down with the ocean in my rear view mirror
3. Underground inject
4. Desert hand
5. Vertical smile

ill post some links when its online.

Rob x


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